The SpiderjetŽ 3000 attaches to the work surface by vacuum which at the same time suctions off the removed waste material and waste water.

Typical applications:
Cleaning and surface preparation works on
Oil and gas storage tanks Ship hulls Concrete facades Holds and bunkers

Working width: 375 mm
Op. pressure:
up to 3000 bar
Flow rate:
up to 40 l/min

Vacuum: up to 0,5 bar dependant on work surface
Suction connection:
DN 100

For operation in conjunction with the SpiderjetŽ 3000 and comprising a vacuum system and prefractionator. Continuous performance: approx. 2500 m³/Hr.
(Zero load)
Rotation speed: appr.
1200 – 2400 r.p.m.
Partial vacuum:
up to 50 % continuous
Power consumption:
max. 40 kW

Semi-automatic UHP water blasting vehicle for ship hull and tank surface preparation.

A working arm functioning as an equipment carrier is installed at the tip of the telescopic jib. The blasting head is a Hammelmann AQUABLAST® with a choice of from one to three leakage free sealed high pressure, rotary joints.

The waste water and the solids removed are vacuumed into the filter/ recovery module. The waste water and the removed solids are separated in the filter / recovery module and the solids are collected in a “Big bag” for disposal. Working width:
275 bis 860 mm

Working height:
up to 22 m

Op. pressure:

The DOCKMASTER 3000 is a semiautomatic UHP water blasting vehicle for ship hull surface preparation.

The Dockboy is a modern tracked vehicle primarily for working on ship hull bottoms or similar surfaces.

A completely dust free eco friendly alternative to dry open abrasive blasting capable of preparing hull surfaces to the most exacting standards applicable today.
The 3000 bar operating pressure can prepare up to 150 sq. metres per hour to NACE/SSPC, WJ1/SC-2

The waste water containing removed solids is vacuumed to a filter / recovery module where the separated solids are retained for disposal.

The amount of solid waste is minimal compared to dry or wet abrasive blasting and direct recovery eliminates the time consuming clean up job.

Working width: 860 mm

Op. pressure:
2600 bar
Flow rate: 88 l/min
Op. pressure:
3000 bar
Flow rate: 74 l/min

Rotation speed:
3000 r.p.m.
Working height:
up to 30 m

In combination with direct vacuuming it ensures eco friendly, rust removal and old coating removal with waste and waste water collection. An Aquablast® surface blaster with a working width of 370 mm is attached to the end of the jib.

The work functions are to a great extent automated and adjustable so that ship hull curvatures, decks and superstructure surfaces can be blasted.

Op. pressure:
3000 bar Working width: 370 mm Working height: 5,60 m
(8m with optional extension) Arc width: 4,00 m

Vehicle height: 1,23 m
Vehicle width: 1,45 m
Transport length: 4,5 m
Weight: 5 t