Hydraulic and electrically
powered hose reels

  • For hose sizes
    12 mm, 20 mm and 25 mm i/d
    1000 bar, 1500 bar,
    3000 bar nominal


  • Mounting frame
  • Hydraulic power pack
  • Installation material

Manually operated hose reels

  • For hose sizes
    12 mm and 20 mm i/d
    1000 bar, 1500 bar nominal
    For hose lengths max. 200 m


  • Mounting frame

Description: http://www.hammelmann.de/wEnglish/produkte/aws/img/Abstandhalter.gif

Description: http://www.hammelmann.de/wEnglish/produkte/aws/img/haspel-02-word.jpg
Hydraulically powered
hose reel
Description: http://www.hammelmann.de/wEnglish/produkte/aws/img/haspel-04-word.jpg
Mobile hydraulically
powered hose reel

Description: http://www.hammelmann.de/wEnglish/produkte/aws/img/schlauchhaspel-frei-hell.jpg
Manually operated
hose reel