Timber products


Exemple de aplicatii

  • Cleaning machinery and workshops
  • Bark removal from logs

Sewage treatment works


Exemple de aplicatii

  • Cleaning steam pipes and heat exchangers
  • Cleaning filter screens
  • Cleaning sediment ponds, pipe lines

Cement industry


Exemple de aplicatii

  • Breaking out slag from ovens
  • Cleaning plant, machinery and workshops
  • Cleaning boilers, tanks, silos and mixers
  • Decommissioning old production plant and buildings
  • Removing residue from cement ovens

Description: http://www.hammelmann.de/wEnglish/praxis/img/zement-1.jpg
Removing incineration residue from a rotary kiln

Description: http://www.hammelmann.de/wEnglish/praxis/img/zement-2.jpg